Large Square Trampoline S113
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Large Square Trampoline S113

Shape: Square
Diameter: 3.4m x 3.4m

Our large square trampoline has a soft bounce and plenty of jumping space. Designed for large gardens and children (and adults!) of all ages.

no springs = more jumping space

The jumping surface of our 11ft square trampoline is equivalent to that of a 14ft square trampoline with springs. The large square trampoline allows you to maximise your jumping surface while saving valuable garden space.

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– S113 Large Square Trampoline –


Size of mat - 3.4m x 3.4m
Surface area of mat - 10.5m
Jumper weight - 100kg
Total height - 2.7m


The ONLY trampoline to eliminate 90% of product related injuries.*


The ONLY trampoline to meet Australian Safety standards*

10/10 Choice

The ONLY trampoline to receive a 100% performance rating by Independent bodies


The Springfree Difference

We believe kids should be kids and able to test their limits with safe outdoor play. Our revolutionary springless design has eliminated 90% of product related injuries.

No Springs

Flexible Mat Rods, instead of springs, eliminate the pinch points that trap toes and feet

SoftEdgeTM Mat

SoftEdgeTM Mat is 30 times more shock-absorbent than pads, eliminating hard edges at the jumping surface

Hidden Frame

Durable Frame positioned well out of harm's way


FlexiNetTM Enclosure cushions jumpers and prevents falls to the ground